About the San Diego Immigration Law Center

about the san diego immigration law center

Experienced Immigration Attorneys at the San Diego Immigration Law Center

At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, our principal attorney, Ali Golchin, Esq., offers cutting-edge legal representation to the immigrant community in and around the San Diego, California area. As a member in good standing with the California Supreme Court, federal district court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Golchin prides himself on assisting individuals and families facing deportation and other immigration-related cases.

Mr. Golchin has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1994 and is currently the president and principal attorney of Golchin and Associates, a professional law firm handling immigration law cases.

At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, Mr. Golchin and his attorney associates take on a variety of cases, providing legal services including:

  1. Deportation assistance
  2. Immigration advice and representation
  3. Green card assistance
  4. EB-5 visa assistance
  5. Citizenship assistance
  6. …and more

Since the early 1980s, Ali Golchin has involved himself with the legal issues and cases surrounding immigration in the state of California. In 1991, he earned the right to represent clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Office of the Immigration Judge, and the Immigration and Neutralization Service (now functioning as the Department of Homeland Security). Mr. Golchin has represented over 10,000 cases for both litigated and non-court-related cases since 1991.

Mr. Golchin provides a unique outlook on immigration cases while providing his valuable skills as a deportation attorney in the San Diego area. Not only is he an experienced immigration attorney, in 1981 he had to represent himself before the courts in an immigration proceeding; that experience has only furthered his understanding of immigration procedures as well as the emotional impact immigration has on individuals and their families.

About The San Diego Immigration Law Center – History

From 1992-2001, Mr. Golchin offered his immigration experience as a director for two different San Diego immigrant advocacy programs that assisted low-income immigrants in the San Diego area with
their legal needs. Together with a representative of the local Catholic community, Mr. Golchin co-founded an immigration attorney advocacy program and he served as a consultant for Survivors of Torture, International. Mr. Golchin is extremely active in civil rights and immigration cases and appears regularly at media forums and seminars speaking about the rights of immigrants in the United States.

Attorney Ali Golchin

With his passion, pride, and ability to successfully defend his client’s rights, Ali Golchin is recognized as one of the leading immigration attorneys in the area. Learn more about the San Diego Immigration Law Center and Ali Golchin by contacting him for consultation. See the difference a trained and dedicated immigration attorney can make for you.