Are You Eligible for a Green Card Based on Relations?

Many people from other countries have a strong desire to come to the US to chase the American dream. However, this dream is not easy to achieve. America’s immigration laws are strict and difficult. In order for a non-American to get their hands on a green card, they have to overcome mountains of hindrances—legalities that follow stringent rules. There are rules, however, that make it easier for some people to get their green cards. Continue reading to know if you are one of these lucky people.

Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens

Immediate relatives of American citizens have it easier than most when it comes to getting their green cards.  The most amazing thing when you get included in this category is that there are unlimited slots for applicants and they can get their green cards fast. You are qualified under this category if you are:

  • Married to a US citizen or a widow of a US citizen you are eligible for a green card. Same sex spouses are also eligible as long as the marriage was done in a country where same-sex marriage is legal.
  • A child of at least one US citizen parent and is below the age of 21.
  • You are a parent of a US citizen whose age is 21 years old.
  • Stepchildren of US citizens, if your parent and stepparent married before you were 18.
  • Adopted child of US citizens as long as your age when adopted was 16 years and below.

Other Family Members

For other family members of US citizens who did not qualify at the first category, they still have a chance of getting their green cards, but not as easy and only a limited number of them could get green cards. Another important information to note is that if you belong to this category, you have to act fast because it’s a first come first served basis.  It is based on preference. First preference means more chances to get a green card and so forth.   You belong to this group if you are:

·         Family 1st Preference- 21 years old, unmarried and has at least one parent who is an American citizen.

·         Family 2nd Preference- you are unmarried and are a child of a green card holder and not yet 21 years old.

·         Family 3rd Preference- if you are married and are a child of a green card holder.

·         Family 4th preference- a sibling of a green card holder, 21 years old or older.

If you belong to any of these categories, you should ask an immigration lawyer to assist you in applying for a green card visa.  Immigration attorneys are well-versed on immigration laws and could really make a difference on your green card application. There are even immigration lawyers who offer free consultation.  Even if you don’t have any family member who is a US citizen, don’t worry, there are also other ways to become a green card holder, like if you are hired by an American company or if you win the green card lotteries.

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