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Just because an individual was detained by immigration officers doesn’t mean he or she can’t be released on bond: U.S. law provides for any person, regardless of citizenship status, to be eligible for bond. The bond hearing attorney at the San Diego Immigration Law Center can negotiate with immigration officers or the immigration judge assigned to the case to set bond amounts and conditions for release.


Immigration officers have the right to detain anyone facing deportation or with a pending deportation decision against them. Once you’re detained, you’ll be held at an immigration office detention facility or a private holding facility until an immigration attorney works to get you released on bond. After you’ve been detained, immigration officers have the authority to release you on bond once the amount set by the courts has been pledged.

Immigration and Bond Hearing Attorney San Diego Services

Bonds are amounts of money used as a deposit on a detained person to ensure that the person appears for his or her immigration hearing. Once the proceedings have completed, the immigration and bond hearing attorney will ensure that the bond amount pledged is returned to the paying party. Though immigration officers typically set the bond amount, there are instances where they won’t offer a bond—this is where a skilled immigration attorney is required. A trained immigration lawyer can request a bond hearing on the client’s behalf, and during the bond hearing, a judge will determine a monetary amount that will be used to ensure the person’s appearance at the immigration proceedings.

There are instances where a judge will determine an individual ineligible for bond, but these individuals should not be discouraged. Often, with the right representation by an experienced immigration detention attorney, individuals who weren’t originally eligible for bond can become eligible later. Some factors that will affect a person’s ability to receive bond include, but are not limited to:

  1. If the individuals release poses a threat to society, individuals, or groups
  2. If the individual is unlikely to show for the court hearing
  3. If the individual has pending criminal charges on file
  4. If the individual is a threat to national security

Even if you are denied bond, an immigration attorney can appeal the decision with the Board of Immigration Appeals. There, the immigration lawyer will plead on behalf of the individual to prove why you qualify for bond release. In San Diego area our lawyers represent many immigrant detainees at the CCA Otay Mesa Detention Center and can assist your loved one also.

Regardless of the circumstances of your immigration detainment, you need professional immigration and bond hearing attorney San Diego services to defend your rights and ensure you receive bond. Contact the attorneys at the U.S. Immigration Law Center today. We offer no-obligation consultations to get you started, and one of our deportation attorneys can tell you right away whether or not you’ll qualify for a bond hearing. Get started with an experienced immigration deportation and detention attorney by contacting our offices at 619-827-8777 today for bond hearing attorney San Diego representation.