Deportation Attorney

deportation attorney san diego
At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, our deportation attorney is dedicated to defending the rights of those facing deportation in the United States. Our immigration attorneys will work diligently in immigration cases to remove deportation charges and orders and help our clients gain San Diego citizenship. Our experienced immigration and deportation attorney San Diego team can represent individuals and families through every aspect of the immigration court process. As representatives of San Diego’s immigrant community, the immigration attorneys at the San Diego Immigration Law Center will work hard to provide services to immigrants facing deportation where other firms have failed.

Our senior immigration lawyers have a combined 20 years’ experience in trial work for all aspects of immigration law including deportation, removal, bond processing, appeals, and more.

Immigration and Deportation Attorney San Diego, CA

When an individual or family is facing deportation, they need the best immigration lawyer and deportation attorney on their side. At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, we have a proven track record of providing our clients with superior immigration assistance, and we can help defend an individual’s rights during a Board of Immigration appeal, circuit courts, and federal district courts.

We understand that the impact of facing deportation affects more than just the individual—it affects families, employers, and friends, too. At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, our principal attorney, Ali Golchin, has personal experience with his own deportation case and he can relate to what each client is going through. Mr. Golchin will help provide you with expertise, ease, and reassurance during the immigration and deportation process and with over 10,000 cases tried, he has more than proven his excellence as a skilled deportation attorney.

Our lawyers will use multiple strategies for defending our clients during a deportation. Some of our defense strategies include:

  1. Filing for registry or legalization
  2. Filing paperwork for asylum
  3. Cancelling the deportation removal order
  4. Terminating all deportation proceedings
  5. Adjusting a client’s status and applying for SAN DIEGO citizenship
  6. Being granted temporary protection while we defend your case
  7. Filing a 212(c) Waiver
  8. Withholding the deportation process;
  9. Using an Inadmissibility or Deportation Removal waiver
  10. Using a voluntary departure to avoid deportation charges
  11. Conducting and representing during bond hearings
  12. Suppressing incriminating evidence

Before we create a defense strategy, our immigration attorneys sit down with our clients and get to know them on a personal level. We feel that you cannot accurately represent a client during a deportation proceeding without understanding their needs, family, and goals. After we have thoroughly assessed your case, our deportation lawyers will devise a protection strategy that will stop and dismiss the deportation case against our client.

In the event that an appeal is needed, our immigration attorneys will prepare the appropriate legal documents and file them with the Board of Immigration Appeals and the federal district court. From there, our deportation lawyers will represent our clients in court and plead their cases for citizenship or asylum to prevent the deportation from going through.

Everyone deserves adequate legal representation in their deportation case. If you or a loved one is facing deportation, contact us for immigration and deportation attorney San Diego representation. Call: 619-827-8777 now.