Four Common US Citizenship Application Myths

When applying for US citizenship, you should be wary about some of the myths that fly around about it.  No one knows how these myths started or why people believe in them but they are dangerous since they provide wrong information, which can affect your chances of success.

Immigration Lawyers Separate Myths from Facts

A knowledgeable immigration lawyer can help you dispel many of these myths surrounding US citizenship application, so it is important to have one by your side every step of the way. Nevertheless, for your peace of mind, here are some of the USC citizenship application myths you have to watch out for.

  1. There is no additional benefit compared to permanent residency status.

This myth is very wrong and nefarious to say the least. There is a big difference between becoming a US citizen and just having a permanent residency.  For one thing, being a citizen ensures that you cannot be deported because you are after all now a citizen.  Second, if your family in your country of origin wishes to follow you in the US, they will be given priority assistance.  Aside from that, once you become a citizen, you can travel using an American passport and vote on elections. These benefits are massive and they are not available for people with a permanent residency status.

  1. It’s okay to stretch the truth a little during the interview.

False. When it comes to US citizenship interview, honesty is the best policy because if you commit even an innocent lie, that can be considered a ground for denying you of U.S. citizenship.  Make sure you answer all the questions as honestly as you can. After all, the questions immigration officers will ask you are fair and they will not delve into your personal life.  In order to avoid having to lie, you must do your best to be a law abiding citizen while you are applying for citizenship. Also, when filling out application forms, particularly the N-400 Application for Naturalization, answer as honestly and as accurately as possible. An innocent mistake of ticking the wrong box can lead to the denial of your citizenship.

  1. Someone online can give you the questions to the US citizenship interview.

There is a false story going around that you can pay someone online to give you the questions for the interview. This is completely false because no one knows what the questions will be, except the interviewer.  This can be a scam to cheat you out of your money. What is true though is that there are sample questions online that you can practice with in preparation and you can get them for free.

  1. You don’t need a lawyer when applying for US citizenship.

Applying for US citizenship without the aid of an immigration attorney is like going to a battlefield unprepared and alone. Without the guidance of a reliable immigration lawyer, your chances of success can be slim. You would be prone to commit mistakes, from failure to pay taxes to something as simple as not being able to clearly express your thoughts in English. Immigration procedure in the US can be very confusing especially the paper works.  Your immigration lawyer can help you make sense of the chaos so you can move forward to achieve your US citizenship goal with success.

Protect Yourself from Myths

Your strong desire to become a US citizen can sometimes make you blind to bogus promises and susceptible to hang on to false hope. Hire an immigration lawyer to enlighten you about the process and help you distinguish right from wrong when it comes to your application.  Let them guide you on the road to becoming a US citizen.  You can contact experienced immigration attorneys at San Diego Immigration Center.

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