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Obtaining Asylum in the United States

One option for a person to receive a Green Card for the United States is via asylum. It can be hard to determine if someone qualifies for asylum so it is best to look into an asylum attorney if you or someone you know is considering this course of action.

Asylum is typically granted to individuals staying in the US because there is a reason for them to not return to their country of origin. Valid reasons for this can include fear of persecution or persecution due to gender, race, religion or nationality. Frequently this sort of persecution is carried out by social or political groups within the person’s country of origin. Often, once a year has passed, you can then petition for permanent US resident status. An asylum attorney can assist you through this process.

Fully understanding if you or someone you know qualifies for this sort of immigration benefit is something best addressed with green card attorneys. However, in very general terms the process goes something like this:

  1. You would contact United Nations refugee official if you are not in the U.S.
  2. Or you arrive at a U.S. airport or U.S. boarder you make your request to the officers at the border.
  3. If you are in the U.S. you only have one year from the date of your arrival to file for asylum.
  4. If you are here for over one year but for some reason your return to your home country has gotten more dangerous, you may still be able to apply. You will need green card or asylum attorney San Diego services to see if you qualify. Once again, a good green card / asylum attorney can assist with this as there are a few exceptions that can come into play – such as major political or social changes within your country of origin during your stay in the US or if circumstance somehow prevented the application from being filed in a timely way.

An Asylum Attorney San Diego Representative Can Help

Even if you are in the United States illegally you may still be able to petition for this type of exemption as a refugee. In some situations you may very well be placed within deportation – so it would behoove you to apply to an immigration attorney prior to doing so – and will be then required to make your petition to an immigration judge. It should be noted and understood that if you are in the United States illegally, petition for asylum as a refugee and are refused, you will be put into the deportation process.

There are no current limits to the amount of applicants who can petition for this type of exemption to remain in the US. This sort of exemption would allow you to remain in the US and live persecution free. If you or someone you know is currently living in fear due to persecution in their home country, please have them contact our experienced green card and asylum attorney San Diego representatives from Immigration Law Center to see about qualification. Call us today to schedule a confidential.