Having a Successful Immigration Interview

When it is time to apply for citizenship, you will be faced with completing an immigration interview. At this interview you will meet with an immigration representative, and you will be asked a series of questions that will determine your overall eligibility. Most immigration attorneys will prepare you beforehand, but that does not make the task any easier. Most likely you are already anxious and feel a little desperate to get into the country, which makes the task of sitting down for an interview overwhelming.


Luckily, immigration lawyers understand how difficult the interview process can be, which is why they have compiled a list of tips to make your immigration interview a successful one.


Preparation and Practice

The immigration interview is extremely important. This interview determines whether or not you will be allowed into the country. Keep in mind that immigration attorneys are not enemies; they are doing their jobs and determining eligibility, which is why you need to prove your eligibility without arguing. Prepare yourself ahead of time and study what your immigration lawyer has instructed you to. Your immigration attorney can give you a list of things to prepare for, and he or she can even perform a mock interview so that you can pretend you are in the actual interview.


Review Applications Yourself

Your immigration attorney will prepare all forms and paperwork, but just because you have an immigration lawyer does not mean you should not review each form and document yourself. These documents determine your eligibility; therefore, review each document and make sure you understand not only what each contains, but also how each can affect your status. Review all pages, including supporting documents, affidavits, photos, and declarations.


Read Up on Immigration Laws

Having an immigration attorney does not mean you should ignore learning the immigration laws. Educating yourself will not only prepare you for the interview, but will also give you a better chance of being approved in general. After all, how can you expect to be allowed into the country without understanding the laws on which the country is founded?


Hire a Certified Translator

Your immigration attorney can help you find a certified translator to attend your interview with you. This is especially important if your English is not perfect or you have difficulty understanding English when questions are posed to you.


Interview Etiquette

When you show up to your interview, you and your immigration attorney need to show up on time. If for any reason you or your immigration lawyer will be late, you need to notify the immigration official immediately. Bring with you documents, copies, and other paperwork, especially those specifically requested when your appointment was scheduled. If you are missing any documents, notify your immigration attorney immediately and make sure he or she brings those documents to the appointment.


Be honest, be open, and of course, be calm. Your immigration attorney will be present at the interview, which can help guide you in answering your questions. Do not be afraid to ask the immigration agent to repeat a question or request the assistance of a translator. Since the interview is your opportunity to gain citizenship, make the most of it and ensure you are fully prepared before you arrive.


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