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Immigration Lawyer San Diego, CA

San Diego Immigration Law Center is a full-service, equal opportunity immigration law firm located in San Diego, California. Our immigration attorneys will represent individuals, businesses, and even corporations on all cases related to immigration. In the event that you may need an immigration lawyer in San Diego, we are able to offer the following services:

  1. Deportations
  2. Bond Hearings
  3. Family Green Card
  4. Employment Green Card
  5. E-2 Investment Visas
  6. EB-5 Investment Visas
  7. Temporary Visas
  8. Asylum

If you or a loved one is facing deportation in the San Diego area, you need an experienced deportation lawyer on your side. Our attorneys can provide you with the professional and knowledgeable legal representation you need while protecting your rights. Even if you’re facing deportation, you still have rights within the United States, which is why you need ample legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the immigration process.

At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, our immigration lawyers humbly serve the immigrant community in the San Diego area in obtaining legal rights and citizenship within the United States. We’ve had enormous success in dealing with family-based and employment-based green card issues and our approval rating speaks for itself. At the SAN DIEGO Immigration Law Center, we pride ourselves on our expertise and competence in the field of immigration and we guarantee results in areas where our competitors have failed.

We know that our attention to our client’s needs and details of the case have given us the successful reputation we have, and we are considered one of the best immigration lawyers in the San Diego area. Through each case, we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction and we will employ any creative tactic we can find in order to do so.

If you’re looking for a successful immigration attorney within the San Diego area, consider the professionals at the SAN DIEGO Immigration Law Center. Our immigration lawyers use state-of-the-art representation and management skills that provide our clients with superb results.

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer San Diego, CA?

Attempting to defend your case without a deportation lawyer at your side is risky. At the SAN DIEGO Immigration Law Center, our skilled immigration lawyers can provide you with:

  • A thorough case analysis;
  • Help you understand the options available for you or your family members facing deportation
  • Give you the best recommendations for your legal status;
  • Fill out, complete, and submit all applications on your behalf;
  • Stay up-to-date on any new immigration laws that will affect your case;
  • Ensure there are no delays that can result in deportation;
  • File any appeals or waivers required;
  • Represent you in court or discuss your case with the Department of Homeland Security on your behalf;
  • Help you utilize the United States immigration system to your benefit.

Our Immigration Lawyer in San Diego have litigated over 10,000 cases, and principal attorney Ali Golchin has had experience defending himself in deportation court; so he knows what it’s like and how to get things done. It’s time to get the deportation attorney you deserve by contacting the immigration lawyers at the SAN DIEGO Immigration Law Center today. Call 619-827-8777 for a no-obligation consultation regarding your deportation or immigration case.

Your Immigration Lawyer San Diego discusses deportation cases, obtaining green cards, and applying for citizenship.