Immigration Testimonials

immigration testimonials

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Had a great (or not so great) experience with us? We’d love to hear from you! If you were a past client of the San Diego Immigration Law Center and have not yet followed up on your experience with us, we would like to hear what you have to say about our performance. Please help us to build our list of immigration testimonials. Legitimate testimonials and reviews help us to advertise our quality services and give confidence to future clients that read about your personal experience.

Immigration Testimonials

*** Absolutamente lo recomendaria para todos mis seres queridos. Un buen Abogado es lo mas importante que tienes que buscar para ayudar tu caso, es saber como hablar y discutir tu caso, en una forma diferente y legal. Estoy muy satisfecha de haber encontrado Mr. Golchin que el mismo caso con 2 abogados me negaron el caso, pero Ali Golchin me ayudo y el caso fue aprovado en 6 meses. Aunque su precio cuesta pero vale la pena por un buen abogado. Bien Pan.

*** We liked your dedication and professionalism handling out case. You were very proactive and informed us of the requirements related to our case in advance, so we had the right information and enough time to satisfy those requirements and be ready for submitting additional documents. You displayed a high level of customer service and a clear communication with us. We felt that we were always a couple of steps ahead of the game and our documents were always ready to be submitted on time. We thank you for all your services. We will surely recommend you to whoever is in need of your of service. R.T.

*** Mr. Golchin and his girls aides, including Mrs. Patricia Mendoza, were very helpful and understanding throughout the duration of my wife?s, Erika?s case. The case was especially long because of our circumstances, but Mr. Golchin and Mrs. Mendoza helped us through our hard time. Because of them, I was able to bring my wife home, so I would definitely recommend them to others. Michael McConnell.