4 consejos que debe saber antes de contratar a un abogado de inmigración

Sin importar qué tipo de asunto relacionado con la inmigración esté afrontando, necesitará a un abogado de inmigración a su lado. Los abogados de inmigración están especializados en representar a personas inmigrantes que necesiten ayuda con temas como los visados, las deportaciones y otros. Cuando usted o un ser querido necesite un abogado de inmigración, querrá asegurarse de elegir a un representante en inmigración reputable. Por consiguiente, es aconsejable que tenga en cuenta estos breves consejos para contratar a un representante en inmigración hoy mismo y ahorrarse problemas en el futuro.


1. Registro en la AILA

Un abogado de deportación reputable estará registrado en la Asociación Americana de Abogados de Inmigración (AILA). Los abogados que enseñan y ejercen como abogados de inmigración están registrados en la AILA y tienen permiso para trabajar en casos de inmigración. Si usted hace uso de un abogado de inmigración registrado en la AILA, puede estar seguro de recibir un asesoramiento experto y reputable de una persona respaldada por una organización que defiende los derechos de los inmigrantes.


2. Solicite referencias

Leer la página de un abogado de inmigración no es suficiente – necesita referencias reales. Póngase en contacto con el bufete de abogados de inmigración que esté pensando en contratar y solicite referencias. Cualquier abogado de deportación reputable no tendrá ningún inconveniente en entregarle una lista de referencias, incluyendo testimonios de clientes, a un cliente potencial.


3. Verifique las credenciales

Cuando haya encontrado un abogado de inmigración con el que se sienta cómodo, deberá verificar sus credenciales. Esto se hace contactando con el colegio de abogados local y solicitando información acerca de si un abogado de inmigración está registrado, licenciado y certificado. También puede solicitar si el abogado de inmigración tiene alguna acción disciplinaria pendiente o completa para ver si opera o no bajo la ley.


4. Los honorarios no lo son todo

Los abogados de inmigración cuestan dinero, como cualquier otro abogado. Aunque el dinero ciertamente sea una cuestión a tener en cuenta, debería ser una de las consideraciones finales, no la primera, a la hora de elegir su abogado de inmigración. Asegúrese de que los abogados que ponga en su lista estén registrados en la AILA y tengan referencias y credenciales reputables antes de considerar sus honorarios.


Elegir un abogado de inmigración reputable es fácil una vez tenga una lista de candidatos reducida. Los expertos están de acuerdo en que usted debería entrevistar por lo menos a tres abogados de inmigración antes de firmar un contrato. Conocer a los abogados y sus diferentes estrategias le ayudará a tomar una decisión segura cuando contrate a un abogado de inmigración en particular.

Immigration Interview Etiquette: Tips from an Immigration Attorney

Many individuals who enter the immigration interview do so unprepared. The results, unfortunately, are less than favorable for those individuals. It is imperative that everyone entering an immigration interview not only bring along an attorney, but also be prepared and follow the proper etiquette. Always ask your immigration attorney etiquette tips for your interview and make sure you start preparing over a week in advance.


Be Honest and Always Tell the Truth

You are not doing yourself or your family any favors by lying to immigration agents. Never be apprehensive about a question. Even though the truth might risk a rejection, being caught in a lie can have devastating consequences. Always consult your immigration lawyer on how to answer questions and conduct a practice interview in your immigration attorney’s office to be fully prepared.


Answer, but Keep it Simple

When immigration agents ask you a question, you need to answer. That being said, there is a difference between a simple answer and a complex one. For example, if the agent asks you what time you woke up that morning, do not give him or her a play-by-play of your day. Instead, give a time and wait for the next question. Your immigration attorney can coach you on how to answer questions and how to keep things simple and to-the-point during your interview.


Dress Code

Though different cultures wear different clothing, the more conservative your clothing, the better for the situation. Immigration attorneys can instruct you on how to dress for your interview. Typically they will recommend a conservative, neutral outfit that does not divulge offensive, inappropriate, or political messages.


Have Respect

Remember that the immigration agent has a job just like you have a goal in mind. Treat the immigration agent with respect. Your immigration attorney will be there to ensure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly. Therefore, rely on your immigration lawyer’s knowledge and focus on answering your questions. Always be patient, and even if you are frustrated, refrain from losing your temper or even raising your voice toward the immigration agent.


Do Not Go Without Your Immigration Attorney

Though you might be tempted to represent yourself at an immigration interview, it is in your best interest to have an immigration attorney by your side instead. Contact your immigration attorney and make sure the interview time fits with his or her schedule. Even though there are do-it-yourself sites, they cannot accomplish everything your immigration attorney can for you or your case. Immigration lawyers not only represent you, but also:


  • Prepare all documents and submit them with due diligence;
  • Make sure issues are handled quickly and appropriately;
  • Prepare and coach you for your immigration interview;
  • Represent you during your interview;
  • Serve as a witness for immigration agent abuse reports;
  • And prevent any misunderstandings that may occur during the interview.


Every day, hundreds go through immigration interviews. While most pass, others fail simply because they do not heed the advice of their immigration attorneys. You can avoid a rejection simply by following your immigration lawyer’s advice as well as following the standard etiquette required for immigration interviews.


Having a Successful Immigration Interview

When it is time to apply for citizenship, you will be faced with completing an immigration interview. At this interview you will meet with an immigration representative, and you will be asked a series of questions that will determine your overall eligibility. Most immigration attorneys will prepare you beforehand, but that does not make the task any easier. Most likely you are already anxious and feel a little desperate to get into the country, which makes the task of sitting down for an interview overwhelming.


Luckily, immigration lawyers understand how difficult the interview process can be, which is why they have compiled a list of tips to make your immigration interview a successful one.


Preparation and Practice

The immigration interview is extremely important. This interview determines whether or not you will be allowed into the country. Keep in mind that immigration attorneys are not enemies; they are doing their jobs and determining eligibility, which is why you need to prove your eligibility without arguing. Prepare yourself ahead of time and study what your immigration lawyer has instructed you to. Your immigration attorney can give you a list of things to prepare for, and he or she can even perform a mock interview so that you can pretend you are in the actual interview.


Review Applications Yourself

Your immigration attorney will prepare all forms and paperwork, but just because you have an immigration lawyer does not mean you should not review each form and document yourself. These documents determine your eligibility; therefore, review each document and make sure you understand not only what each contains, but also how each can affect your status. Review all pages, including supporting documents, affidavits, photos, and declarations.


Read Up on Immigration Laws

Having an immigration attorney does not mean you should ignore learning the immigration laws. Educating yourself will not only prepare you for the interview, but will also give you a better chance of being approved in general. After all, how can you expect to be allowed into the country without understanding the laws on which the country is founded?


Hire a Certified Translator

Your immigration attorney can help you find a certified translator to attend your interview with you. This is especially important if your English is not perfect or you have difficulty understanding English when questions are posed to you.


Interview Etiquette

When you show up to your interview, you and your immigration attorney need to show up on time. If for any reason you or your immigration lawyer will be late, you need to notify the immigration official immediately. Bring with you documents, copies, and other paperwork, especially those specifically requested when your appointment was scheduled. If you are missing any documents, notify your immigration attorney immediately and make sure he or she brings those documents to the appointment.


Be honest, be open, and of course, be calm. Your immigration attorney will be present at the interview, which can help guide you in answering your questions. Do not be afraid to ask the immigration agent to repeat a question or request the assistance of a translator. Since the interview is your opportunity to gain citizenship, make the most of it and ensure you are fully prepared before you arrive.


Tips for Avoiding Trouble with Your U.S. Immigration Case

Whether you are using an immigration attorney or green card lawyer for your immigration case, you need to be prepared. Most immigration attorneys will tell you that the immigration process is a difficult one, which is why it is highly recommended by the department of U.S. Immigration to seek advice from a professional rather than attempt your own green card case without a green card lawyer. Even if you are using an immigration lawyer, make sure you follow a few of these quick tips to avoid trouble with your immigration case.


Be Prepared for Delays

If you are already in the United States and your work visa is about to expire, you need to keep in mind that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is constantly bombarded with new and renewal applications. You can avoid any delay by hiring an immigration attorney who can file your paperwork early, which means your application will most likely be approved before the renewal date comes and goes.


Consider Applying for Citizenship

Any green card attorney will tell you that once you have a green card, you might as well file for United States citizenship. If it is legally possibly for you, contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible to start the filing process. That way you will not have to worry about last minute filings, especially if your green card is about to expire.


Understand the Summary Removal

You may have a green card, but if you do not have the backing of a green card attorney, you could face a summary removal down the road. When you arrive from overseas to the United States, you still have to speak to a border official to get entrance into the country. Since border officials have a lot of power, they can deny your entry to the United States, even if you have legal authorization to enter.


Make Copies and Track Your Paperwork

When you file forms or send paperwork to the USCIS, you need to make copies of the originals, file them, and track where your paperwork goes in the USCIS offices. Make sure that your forms are received, and if  they are not, resend the forms. Immigration attorneys can handle tracking and filing all paperwork required for your immigration case, but when working alone you will have to take the extra steps and precautions to ensure your paperwork is received on time.


Research Thoroughly

There are a lot of laws surrounding the topic of immigration. If you are working without the assistance of an immigration lawyer, you need to be aware of these laws and how they can affect you. Specific situations can call for different measures, which means you need to make sure that you stay up-to-date and follow the progress of your case to ensure a special exception does not keep you from gaining citizenship to the country.


Tips for Successful Immigration

Immigration attorneys know how difficult the immigration process can be. Not only can the overall process be costly, but it is also emotionally taxing on families and individuals who go through the entire immigration process (with or without the assistance of a green card attorney). At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, we understand the difficulties of immigration, which is why our certified immigration lawyers have developed a few tips for a successful immigration case.


Green Cards Are Not Green: A Few Interesting Green Card Attorney Facts

Did you know that green cards for the United States are not even green? That’s right, they were initially green and have changed color many times from green to pink to white, and now are light green again. The USCIS changes the color of green cards and wants puts 10 year expiration date on them for security purposes.  Older green cards had no expiration dates but the USCIS and CBP officers often request that card holders change their cards with the new temper proof ones that have a 10 year expiration dates on them.  However, people who have been arrested or convicted should consult an experienced immigration lawyer before they attempt to renew their green cards.


Tip #1: Get Your Facts

Before you contact an immigration attorney, it is highly recommended that you educate yourself on the immigration process, how green card attorneys work, and the cost you can expect to pay for your citizenship lawyer. The more educated you are, the more prepared you will be for your case.


Tip #2: Provide Accurate Information

When you meet with an immigration attorney, you need to provide accurate information. Though accurate information can hurt your case, providing inaccurate information or leaving out facts can actually lead to your case being thrown out. Therefore, when your citizenship attorney asks a question, provide him or her with all of the facts and accurate information so that he or she can represent you accurately.


Tip #3: Never Lie on Immigration Forms

A person’s immigration forms are extremely important. When these forms contain inaccurate information, an individual can face not only severe repercussions, but his or her immigration attorney will not be able to accurately represent them in immigration court.


Furthermore, anyone trying to gain citizenship should consult an immigration lawyer before inadvertently skipping an essential step in the immigration process.


Tip #4: Be On Time

The biggest mistake immigration attorneys note during the green card and citizenship process is that most individuals filing their forms wait until the last minute or even file them late. Immigration lawyers will tell you that being on time is extremely important during such an important procedure. Therefore, never file your papers late. Instead, make it a goal to file your forms with immigration centers on time and well ahead of the deadline to avoid processing issues later on.


Tip #5: Be Persistent

Ask any immigration attorney and they will tell you that the citizenship process is a long and arduous one. That being said, the majority of unsuccessful cases were only unsuccessful because the individual simply gave up. Immigration attorneys recommend being persistent, keeping up-to-date on your case, and constantly checking in with officials for the status. The more involved and persistent you are, the more successful your case will be according to immigration attorneys.


If you are ready for assistance with your immigration case, contact an immigration attorney at the San Diego Immigration Law Center by calling 619-827-8777 today.



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