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san diego immigration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – San Diego Immigration FAQ

1. Q. What type of cases does San Diego Immigration Law Center handle?

A. At the U.S. Immigration Law Center, our San Diego immigration attorneys handle cases ranging from deportation to visas to immigration issues. Scroll down to see more San Diego immigration FAQ.

2. Q. What do I need to know about immigrating to the United States?

A. Before moving to the United States, you need to consult a San Diego immigration lawyer. The majority of clients we see in our office have received incorrect information from U.S. officials and other government agencies. At the U.S. Immigration Law Center, we take the time to get to know you and your case and we will look at any specifics that might help you gain citizenship to the United States or obtain a work visa for the duration of your stay.

3. Q. Can I immigrate using a Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa?

A. Yes you can immigrate to the United States using a marriage or fiance Visa, but before you do, you need to consult a San Diego immigration attorney. Just a few years ago it was easy to migrate to the United States on a marriage or fiance visa, but the rules have changed. We recommend that you allow our San Diego immigration lawyers the opportunity to file the correct paperwork and ensure your visa is approved the first time and let us handle the green card status change to prevent deportation.

4. Q. I am facing deportation/removal/bond hearings, what do I do next?

A. Do not panic. Contact a San Diego immigration attorney immediately. A San Diego deportation lawyer can assist you with your deportation hearings. Do not try to fight your case alone. Deportation is highly complex and you need an experienced San Diego deportation attorney at your side to defend your case, file the necessary paperwork and help convince a judge that you should stay within the United States.

5. Q. Can I obtain a work visa in the United States?

A. There are multiple types of work visas available in the United States; therefore, you need an experienced San Diego immigration attorney on your side that can assess your case and file the appropriate paperwork for the correct visa type for your individual needs. The work visa process is highly frustrating; therefore, we recommend using a professional San Diego visa attorney to ensure your visa application is done correctly the first time.

6. Q. How do I get a green card in the United States?

A. In order to get a green card in the United States, you and your employer must qualify under U.S. immigration laws. If you have the right education and qualifying employment, our San Diego immigration attorneys can file the correct paperwork to help you get into the country. If you do not have employment, our San Diego immigration lawyers can help you find the right job and the right employer so that you and your family will qualify for immigration.

7. Q. Can I live in Iran and invest money within the United States?

A. Yes you can, however the process is very difficult; therefore, we recommend speaking to one of our trained San Diego immigration attorneys so that we can obtain the two permits required for investments in the United States. One permit will give you the right to pay for your legal fees while the other will allow you to come into the United States with a green card and your investment funds.

Do you have any San Diego immigration FAQ or deportation questions? Contact the U.S. Immigration Law Center at 619-827-8777 and let one of our San Diego immigration attorneys help you today.