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In the United States, a permanent resident refers to someone who has been granted citizenship or authorization to reside and seek employment within the country. People who are permitted this residency are given a green card, which is used for proof of permanent residence.

An experienced immigration attorney at our immigration law center can help you get your permanent residence card or green card using multiple methods. Typically, immigration lawyers will use family sponsorship as a way to grant a person United States residency, but it’s also possible to gain residency through employment or investment, or by seeking refuge through asylum if you qualify. There are also instances when an immigration attorney can seek resident status just with your own application.

Depending on the method you use, the steps for becoming a permanent resident will vary. Other factors that will affect your ability to obtain permanent residency can include:

  1. If you currently live outside of the country
  2. Past criminal or immigration violations
  3. Your eligibility to obtain a waiver (immigration pardon)
  4. If you have any relatives or family residing within the country
  5. If you have gained employment or have means of getting employment within the country

San Diego Immigration Law: Common Methods for Residency

At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, our attorneys have four methods we use to get our clients permanent resident status: family, employment, asylum, and other.

Family – If you have family currently residing within the United States, the lawyers at San Diego Immigration Law Center may be able to get you a permanent resident card. Typically this process will require both proof that a family member is in the country and his or her status (i.e., citizen by birth, green card, etc.).

Employment – A common way for our immigration attorneys to get your green card is if you already have employment or a job waiting for you in the United States. By proving that you will work within the country, pay taxes, and live in the country as a resident, you’re more likely to be granted a green card than a person who doesn’t have means for employment at the time they apply.

Refugee or Asylum Status – Asylum is a catchall term that encompasses multiple issues. While some individuals are able to seek refugee within the country due to war, religious persecution, etc., individuals who are victims of crimes either in the United States or in their home countries may also seek asylum in the United Sates. The asylum filing process is very in-depth and requires a trained immigration attorney to ensure that the paperwork is done properly.

Investment – By investing either $500,000 or $1,000,000 in a U.S. business enterprise AND either directly or indirectly hiring or retaining 10 full time employees you, your spouse, and your children who are unmarried and are under the age of 21 can obtain a U.S. green card.

Other – Even if you don’t qualify for the other three methods, the attorneys at the San Diego Immigration Law Center can look for tactics to grant you citizenship or permanent residence status by a different method.

Contact the professional immigration attorneys at the San Diego Immigration Law Center today and let us see how we can help you obtain your green card.