Support of Your Immigration Attorney During the Deportation Process

As someone who has gone through a considerable amount in order to become a resident of this country, deportation is one of the most frightening things that you can encounter. Legally speaking, deportation is the process of formally removing a person who is not a legal citizen of the United States and returning him to his country of origin. Deportation can occur for a variety of reasons, but they are essentially categorized into two groups: either the noncitizen has entered the country and is living here illegally or the noncitizen has been charged with, and generally convicted of, criminal behavior. Regardless of the reason that you have been entered into the deportation process, it can be extremely frightening. Your immigration lawyer can help you through the deportation process and perhaps help to delay the proceedings in order to protect your residency. If you are facing removal from the United States, don’t hesitate to contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible so that he can explain the process to you and help you to get through it in the most effective way, perhaps even being able to stay in the country.

The deportation process is essentially the same for every person who encounters it:

Notice to Appear

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