Five Tips to Avoid Delays in Your Green Card Approval

Applying for a green card usually takes a very long time. There are many possible reasons why your green card approval may take longer than others.  Many of these reasons may also be your fault.  This article will tell you how you can avoid delays in your green card application so you can get approved as soon as possible.

Avoiding Green Card Application Delays

While you can’t do much to speed up your green card application process, you can avoid factors that can contribute to delays. Here are some tips to follow to prevent delaying your application:

  1. Hire a good immigration lawyer.

A good immigration lawyer is indispensable because the green card application process is laden with a lot of legal twists and turns that you as a regular person may not be very familiar with. Immigration lawyers on the other hand have been trained for years to handle all these types of issues and they already have experienced dealing with immigration officials.  Immigration lawyers can also help you with the confusing but necessary paper work .

  1. Be organized with your documents.

Green card application process requires a lot of documents. If you have a good immigration lawyer, he would surely tell you what they are.  However, knowing which papers to prepare is not enough. You have to organize them so that they can easily be found if immigration officers ask for them. Imagine how much delay it would be if the immigration asks you for one document and you have to spend days to look for it.

  1. Always have your communication line open.

Sometimes immigration officers will call you for some questions and if you can’t answer, they will not wait for a long time considering that there may be thousands more they have to call. You should be alert for calls from immigration officers or you may miss your chance.  Make sure your phone is always working or if you give them your mobile number, you must be contactable any time of day.

You should also check your e-mails constantly in case they have emailed some documents to you.  The point is that when the immigration officers contact you, you should be there to respond to their call or email.

  1. Always have money reserved for any trips.

There are times you will be called to the immigration office, which may not be very near where you live.  If that happens and you still have to panic and try to find someone to lend you money because you are broke, that may delay your green card approval.  Always have some money in the bank that you can withdraw easily in case you need to travel for your immigration application.

  1. Don’t do anything against the law.

Being caught doing a crime would surely land you on two situations, either you get denied right away or your application will be delayed. Always be careful not to get into trouble and always be in contact with your immigration attorney.

No Shortcuts to Approval

You can’t shorten the waiting time for your immigration or green card application, but you can avoid delays that prolong this process.  The tips above are practical ways to ensure that you can get approved as soon as possible. Call the experienced lawyers of U.S. Immigration Law Center for consultation and assistance.