Five Benefits of Becoming a US Citizen

Coming to America is the dream of many people.  This is, after all, the land of dreams where opportunity overflows like a river of milk and honey.  If you are already here and are already satisfied with simply being able to work and earn dollars, then you shouldn’t. Being a legal immigrant is nice, but your dream should not stop here because becoming a US citizen offers a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Becoming a US Citizen

Becoming a US citizen can change your life in many ways. While becoming one entails that you go through a rigorous application process and carries responsibilities, the privileges given to citizens make them all worth it. Here are some of the advantages of becoming a US citizen:

  1. Freedom from renewing green card

Once you have become a US citizen with the help of your immigration lawyers, you no longer have to worry about having to renew your green card anymore. In fact, you don’t need it anymore because you are, by all intents and purposes, you already are a full-fledged citizen of one of the greatest countries in the world.

  1. Lower chance of being deported

You can remove the chance of deportation from your list of worries. If you are successful in your citizenship application, your home country is now America and you can no longer be deported to the country where you originally came from.

  1. You can petition more family members

Do you have family members you want to bring to the US? Once you are a US citizen you can. It is one of the rights of a naturalized citizen to petition your family members to come to US. It will be easier for them to be approved for green card, too.

  1. You can get a US passport

You have been dreaming all your life for this wallet-sized booklet. Once you become a naturalized US citizen, you can have it and proudly use it. Having a US passport is a dream for millions around the world. Once you have become a US citizen who holds this document legally, you will be enjoying the privileges that come with it.

  1. Vote and run for office

Once your US citizenship is approved, you will have a voice that you can use to tell American leaders your thoughts and ideas. The ability to vote is a very special privilege that is given to all US citizens.

Let an Immigration Lawyer Help You

If you are not a US citizen yet, contact an immigration lawyer to start right away.  Becoming a US citizen is a privilege to those who are courageous enough to go through the application process.  Having a great lawyer is important for as successful US citizenship application. If you are in San Diego, you can trust the lawyers of San Diego Immigration Center.