Five Surefire Ways to Fail your US Immigration Application

The US immigration application process is known to be tedious and difficult. In fact, there are more people who fail in their application than those who pass.  With wrong information and actions, you can mess up your application and reduce your chances of passing to almost zero.

How to Fail Your US Immigrations Your Application

If you really want to become a US citizen and enjoy the benefits of being an American, you should avoid these 5 surefire ways to fail your immigration application.

  1. Not hiring an immigration lawyer

If you don’t hire an immigration lawyer for your immigration application, then you might as well pack your bags and go home. US immigration procedures can often be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with how America’s legal system works.  Immigration lawyers can help you determine eligibility, help you with the paper work, assist you in the interview and give you important advice as you wait for the approval of your application.

  1. Getting in trouble with the law

The United States is looking for people who are going to be outstanding citizens who will contribute to the prosperity of their communities.  Getting in trouble with the law will definitely give immigration authorities a bad impression about you and that impression may cause your application to get rejected. Make sure you stay away from trouble while you are applying for US citizenship. Always listen to the suggestions and advice from your immigration attorney.

  1. Not preparing for the interview

Don’t believe when people tell you the interview is going to be easy and will not require studying because these are myths. Immigration interviews are easy only when you prepare yourself. Sharpen your English skills, reinforce your knowledge about American history and know some of the most basic laws of the land and you should be fine. Never lie about your personal information.  Your immigration lawyer can also help you with the possible questions if you ask them.

  1. Having questionable friends

No, you don’t want to hang out with people who are doping illegal things, who are a problem to their communities etc. Remember you can be judged by association, because your choice of friends is a good indication of who you are. So always be mindful of whom you are seen with and always stay out of trouble.

  1. Being disrespectful to immigration authorities

During the passing of the paper requirements until the interview and beyond, make sure you show your best side to immigration officers. You don’t want them having a bad impression of you because that would reduce your chance of success.  Sometimes though, it is easy to lose yourself when stressed out because of the paperwork and the constant interviews. But with a good immigration lawyer on your side you should be alright.

Increase Your Chances of Success

If you want a successful immigration application, avoid doing things that can harm your chances of passing your application. Always be mindful of the law, be nice to the immigration officers and choose the people you hang out with. Also, don’t forget to brush up on your American history and English speaking skills. If you are in San Diego, you can get help from the lawyers at San Diego Immigration Law Center.

Five Ways to Avoid Being a Victim to US Visa Scammers

Everybody wants to have the experience to live, visit, travel, study, and work in the US in any capacity. After all, it is the melting pot of every kind of culture and it can provide a variety of professional experience. However, the wealth of opportunity is also a two-edged sword as many people are also taking advantage of people who want nothing more than fulfill their dreams of a great life in the US.

Protecting Yourself from Scammers

If you are interested in going to US, you can protect yourself for US visa scammers by being extra vigilant. Here are some ways to prevent your travel plans from being sabotaged by unscrupulous persons:

  1. Follow the paper work requirements.

These illegal workers also thrive due to some people who choose to do shortcuts instead of following the protocol set by the country they are applying to. It is in some ways also about supply and demand – the more clients there are, the more they thrive. However, this has to stop. Faking documents have serious repercussions to the chances of the person entering the US and traveling anywhere in the long run.

Don’t be part of an underground economy that thrives in forgery. Immigration attorneys would advise you to follow the rules and provide the proper documents. This not only enable the person to travel but also enjoy the benefits of travelling like being able to apply for scholarships, look for jobs, get real estate, apply for credit cards, and eventually, set up a more permanent life in the US as a resident.

  1. Beware of questionable agencies that offer quick entry to the US.

Beware of questionable businesses that might ask you for exorbitant fees to file your application. Claims that these agencies process applications faster than going directly to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are false according to the USCIS website.

  1. Watch out for fraudulent or unreliable websites.

Allison Doyle writes on that all US government website URLs end with a “.gov” suffix. These are the only websites that can offer you complete, accurate, and updated information on how to apply for a visa to the US. On the same note, emails coming from the government also end with a “.gov” suffix.  Look for this before responding to any emails regarding your US visa application.

Also, beware of emails or phone calls asking for your personal information. Deceitful people can quickly steal your identity and use them for their personal gain.

  1. Don’t pay for government forms.

Any person or agency asking you to pay for government forms is a scammer. All government forms are given without fees.

  1. Ignore fake emails about visa lottery.

USCIS also warns against websites and emails that advertise DV lottery, visa lottery, and green card lottery. Any website that claims they can make it easier for you to enter the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is a scam.

Increasing Your Likelihood of Getting a US Visa

Follow the tips above to avoid becoming a victim to US visa scammers. To increase your chance of getting a US visa, the best persons to consult are the immigration attorneys who can give you professional advice, especially if there are complications that can affect your application.