Four Tips to Ace Your Immigration Interview

One of the most grueling interviews a person can go to is the US immigration interview because aside from not knowing what to expect, a high stake is also involved—your dream to become a US citizen. Many may make it through, but many more are going home with the sting of rejection and failure.  This article will help you increase your chance of passing your immigration interview.

Preparation is Key

Like any test or interview, the key to succeed is by preparing for it. One way to prepare is by anticipating questions that will be asked by the U.S. consular officer. Jason Gallagher, eHow contributor, writes four of the most common questions asked during the interview: Who’s sponsoring you? Where will you work? Can you tell me something about your family? Have you ever visited any other country?

Quick Tips to Ace Your US Immigration Interview

Aside from anticipating questions, here are the other tips that can help you prepare for your interview:

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes early.

Immigration officers value their time because there are many people they have to interview every day. Coming late will definitely leave them with a bad impression, which might be a cause to deny your application. Arriving 30 minutes to an hour earlier than the appointment is the best way to ensure that when your name is called, you will be there right away.  You should also ask your Immigration lawyer  to arrive 30 minutes earlier .

  1. Wait for your attorney.

Some interviews might end earlier and your name might be called sooner than expected when your lawyer has not yet arrived.  Always wait for your immigration lawyer before going ahead with the interview. Sometimes immigration officials will try to persuade you to go to the interview even without an attorney. Never agree to that.  Your immigration attorney will be a big help in protecting you in case the immigration officers pull tricks on their sleeves to deny your applications. Always tell them respectfully that you will wait for your immigration lawyer.

  1. Dress appropriately.

Immigration interview is not just about knowledge, but also about impression.  Immigration officials expect you to wear clean, ironed formal wear for your interview–so you must.   Dressing well during the interview will also help you boost your confidence, which is important too if you want to be impressive.  Dress like it’s the most important day in your life. Dress to impress.

  1. Listen to the questions well and answer directly and honestly.

Stay focused during the interview. If there are other things bothering you, shake them off before going to the interview. Immigration officials will be asking you direct questions and expect your answer to be direct as well.  Don’t run around the bush with your answer or you will annoy the immigration official interviewing you.

Another thing to remember is do not lie. Never lie because immigration officials have ways to know whether you are lying or not.  Always stick to the truth. If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell them honestly that you don’t know. If you forgot the answer, tell them you forgot. Don’t make wild guesses and make up stories because if you do, the officer might sense you are lying and deny your application right away.

Getting Help from an Immigration Lawyer

There is nothing easy about an immigration interview, but there is always to increase the chance of getting your application approved.  Be prepared a month before the actual interview by having your immigration lawyer help you review the questions that might be asked. For professional immigration lawyers in San Diego, you can call U.S. Immigration Law Center.