Crossing Borders: Top Five Reasons for Deportation of Immigrants

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world, while choosing another country as home is the best way to learn about one’s self. However, there is more to buying a ticket, securing a visa, and boarding a plane when it comes to immigration. Several laws are needed to be followed and ample research is required to ensure that none of these are broken to avoid deportation.

This is where the gift of immigration lawyers comes in. They are able to provide legal advice and guidance as to how to go about the arduous process of crossing borders and living in another nation as an immigrant, in the hopes of being one its citizens one day.

But what are the top five reasons for an immigrant to be deported? Read on.

Inconsistent paperwork

When transferring to another country, everyone is as good as the veracity of their papers. One of the basic things often overlooked by immigrants is the renewal dates of their visas and passports. Once seen, immigrants can be easily sent back to their home countries as this is in violation of the rules against overstaying in the country.

Also, having fake paperwork is one sure way to be deported. Immigration lawyers are available to provide steps in securing the papers in a right and legal way and instead of taking chances, immigrants are better off hiring them instead of sabotaging their opportunity forever of being a citizen. Usually, fakers are placed on file, much like those who have credit card debt, and can be seen by immigration officers in any country.

Going for a fake marriage in the hopes of securing a green card is also a cause for deportation.

Drug or alcohol addiction

Showing bad behavior as an immigrant by getting into trouble such as drug or alcohol addiction is a quick highway to deportation. Use of illegal substances and abuse of alcohol always lead to disturbing the peace in the community and if found guilty, make the immigrant the perfect candidate for deportation.

Violating non-immigrant status

There are a set of privileges that an immigrant can take advantage of. When it comes to working, they should be equipped with the proper authorization. The authorization can be achieved with the help of the employer. Otherwise, the immigrant should be able to secure it for themselves. Aside from that, illegal voting is also not permissible.

Committing crimes

Committing heinous crimes such as murder for example is a ticket to deportation, if the country does not decide to try the person in the country with which the crime was committed. In these cases, immigration lawyers are tapped to help the immigrant with legal options and provide legal services. This is provided to all immigrants and is usually hired through the embassy based on the foreign country.

Becoming a public charge

A public charge is defined by the National Immigration Law Center as someone who starts to become dependent on the government for money through public cash assistance and if the person is admitted to the hospital and is under the long term care of the government.