Frequently Asked Questions about Immigrating to the United States

Each year many people make the journey to the United States. Whether you emigrate from Mexico, Canada or an overseas country, there are rules and regulations that are put in place to help ensure that your move is as easy as possible. Each person who immigrates must file paperwork and wait for approval of a VISA or green card before they come to the country. The paperwork is very detailed and many people find that they are unable to complete it on their own. In cases like this, having an immigration attorney is beneficial. In addition, many immigrants also have questions they need help with and a skilled immigration attorney is the best person to answer these questions.

Is it Necessary to Have an Immigration Attorney?

In most cases, having an immigration attorney on your side will work well in your favor. The regulations that are established for immigrants tend to be very complex and detailed, like most laws. A skilled immigration attorney can decipher the laws and inform you of the conditions you must meet in order to be granted the Visa that you are apply for. If you submit the paperwork incorrectly, or even miss a single field, you will be denied entry and have to redo the paperwork. An attorney can make sure the information is complete the first time and prevent any further delays.

What Happens if I am Facing Deportation?

In case where you or a loved one is facing deportation, you will want to contact an attorney as soon as you can. The sooner you acquire an attorney, the better in most cases. An attorney will be able to help you complete all paperwork and stand before the judge explaining why you should be allowed to remain in the US. If you try to fight the case alone, you will not have the advantage of a skilled attorney fighting on your behalf.

Are there Different Kinds of Visas I can apply for?

Absolutely. There are several different types of Visas that an immigrant can apply for – a work Visa, student Visa or even an investment Visa. Each type of Visa has stringent requirements, so be sure to contact an immigration attorney to ensure you meet the conditions prior to applying for the paperwork. You can also apply for a Fiancé Visa or a Marriage Visa if you are engaged to or married to a natural born US Citizen or one who has obtained their green card.

Applying for the different types of Visas can be challenging which is why it is best to choose an attorney who is well versed in the different types of paperwork and the requirements that must be met. They can also help you put together the required documents with your application to be presented to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

What Do I need to Bring to my Meeting?

If you are meeting with a San Diego immigration attorney, whether on the phone or in person, you need to provide all of your necessary documentation. This includes your ID, birth certificate and other documents that you will need to fill out your paperwork. If you are unsure what you need to bring or send, ask your attorney for clarification.

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