The Most Common Reasons Why People Immigrate to US

Every year, thousands of people all over the world apply for a visa to enter the US. Many applications are accepted, yet many more are also rejected. Nonetheless, the people who have been rejected are sure to try again next year.  What is it about living in the US that attracts many people from other countries to immigrate here? There are many answers to that question, but this article will tell you about the most common reasons.

Better opportunities to find work

The US is still the number one destination for people who are looking to fulfill their dreams. Despite the economic slump the country faced years ago, it still has the most active economy in the world. Now that it is almost recovering, the number of job opportunities is set to jump back to normal. The US is still the place to chase the American dream.

Better living conditions

America is still the place that many people dream of living in, especially big cities like New York and L.A. The US offers the best the world has to offer in terms of entertainment, technology, nightlife and more. You’ll commonly hear people from the tropics say that they want to go to America to see some snow. The US also has a government that gives help to the poor through food stamps, and health care.

To be with their American spouses/families

It is undeniable that many American men meet and fall in love with their wives through the internet.  Many of those wives must first stay in their countries while their husbands prepare for their immigration to the US with the help of immigration lawyers.

There are also circumstances when parents from other countries both work in the US, leaving their children in their homeland. Soon, when these parents gain permanent residency status, they can petition their children to be with them in the United States with the help of an immigration attorney.

To escape their troubled country

In many parts or the world right now, there is chaos—the Middle East, countries in Africa and other continents. Naturally, people living in those countries would want to go far away to escape danger and dire conditions. The most preferred destination is still America, the land of the free.

Every year, the US becomes the promised land of people who are in their own exodus from their war- torn countries and they live and prosper here.  If they have an immigration lawyer on their side, they may even get permanent residency status and soon, citizenship.

To get the best education

The US has some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. It is a dream of any ambitious man and woman to get their degrees from one of America’s top universities and colleges, so many students apply for a student visa every year.  They either go back to their countries armed with their diplomas or stay in the US to start a family here.

Whatever the reason may be for a person’s desire to move to the US, one thing is certain, it’s not going to be easy without the help of immigration attorneys.  From getting a visa to applying for a citizenship, the immigration attorney is your best friend.

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