Tips for Successful Immigration

Immigration attorneys know how difficult the immigration process can be. Not only can the overall process be costly, but it is also emotionally taxing on families and individuals who go through the entire immigration process (with or without the assistance of a green card attorney). At the San Diego Immigration Law Center, we understand the difficulties of immigration, which is why our certified immigration lawyers have developed a few tips for a successful immigration case.


Green Cards Are Not Green: A Few Interesting Green Card Attorney Facts

Did you know that green cards for the United States are not even green? That’s right, they were initially green and have changed color many times from green to pink to white, and now are light green again. The USCIS changes the color of green cards and wants puts 10 year expiration date on them for security purposes.  Older green cards had no expiration dates but the USCIS and CBP officers often request that card holders change their cards with the new temper proof ones that have a 10 year expiration dates on them.  However, people who have been arrested or convicted should consult an experienced immigration lawyer before they attempt to renew their green cards.


Tip #1: Get Your Facts

Before you contact an immigration attorney, it is highly recommended that you educate yourself on the immigration process, how green card attorneys work, and the cost you can expect to pay for your citizenship lawyer. The more educated you are, the more prepared you will be for your case.


Tip #2: Provide Accurate Information

When you meet with an immigration attorney, you need to provide accurate information. Though accurate information can hurt your case, providing inaccurate information or leaving out facts can actually lead to your case being thrown out. Therefore, when your citizenship attorney asks a question, provide him or her with all of the facts and accurate information so that he or she can represent you accurately.


Tip #3: Never Lie on Immigration Forms

A person’s immigration forms are extremely important. When these forms contain inaccurate information, an individual can face not only severe repercussions, but his or her immigration attorney will not be able to accurately represent them in immigration court.


Furthermore, anyone trying to gain citizenship should consult an immigration lawyer before inadvertently skipping an essential step in the immigration process.


Tip #4: Be On Time

The biggest mistake immigration attorneys note during the green card and citizenship process is that most individuals filing their forms wait until the last minute or even file them late. Immigration lawyers will tell you that being on time is extremely important during such an important procedure. Therefore, never file your papers late. Instead, make it a goal to file your forms with immigration centers on time and well ahead of the deadline to avoid processing issues later on.


Tip #5: Be Persistent

Ask any immigration attorney and they will tell you that the citizenship process is a long and arduous one. That being said, the majority of unsuccessful cases were only unsuccessful because the individual simply gave up. Immigration attorneys recommend being persistent, keeping up-to-date on your case, and constantly checking in with officials for the status. The more involved and persistent you are, the more successful your case will be according to immigration attorneys.


If you are ready for assistance with your immigration case, contact an immigration attorney at the San Diego Immigration Law Center by calling 619-827-8777 today.


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