Top Four Reasons Why US Immigration is Difficult

A lot people dream of becoming US citizens. They want their piece of the pie and they dream the American dream. Unfortunately, getting legal residency status is not a walk in the park.  US immigration procedure is probably one of the most difficult in the world. Brian Lyman of USA today writes that visa categories, expenses and processing times are a major reason why many newcomers to the US find it difficult to go through all the legal processes of immigration. Those who are brave enough to go through the process are also not assured of success.

Applying for US Citizenship is Not Easy

Here are some of the reasons why applying for US citizenship is no easy task.

  1. Strict rules and stricter immigration officers

One of the biggest reasons why many people fail their bid for US citizenship is that the rules for immigration are very strict and unbendable.  One misstep and you might have to go back to square one.  Even getting late on an interview appointment can cause you application to be rejected. Miss one paper work and you could be facing failure.  Answer one question wrong and you might be rejected.  Consulting an immigration attorney especially if you are facing conflicts with your application can help you lessen the pressure of US immigration application.

  1. Seas of paper work

Nobody likes to deal with paperwork as it’s stressful and time-consuming. However, if you want to become a US citizen, there is simply no other way around it.  You have to deal with your application papers, which are complicated and confusing. For those who are not fluent in the English language, this can be problem.

  1. Money matters

Applying for US citizenship can be costly. First, you have to pay $680 just to file for the application of citizenship. That fee is broken down as $595 for the application and $85 for finger printing. Now that amount maybe insignificant for some, but for the middle-income earners, $680 is a big amount which they need to shell out right at the beginning of the application process. The cost doesn’t stop there because you have to prepare all the necessary documents you need,  you may have to spend more for photocopying, travels and other related expenses—all while you don’t have any assurance of success.

  1. Take a lot of time

Immigration procedure takes a long time. It may take years. All that time you have to be careful not to be involved in any violation of the law because that will reduce your chance of success. A year is a long time to wait and a lot can happen that will make your application rejected such as minor misdemeanors, becoming dragged into an investigation, even you are not the suspect. Remember, you need to be an outstanding citizen for years while your application is being processed.  The good thing is that immigration lawyers can give you good advice on keeping yourself in good standing with the law.

Immigration Lawyers Can Guide You Through the Immigration Process

You must have an immigration attorney if you want to be successful in your US immigration bid. Having a good immigration attorney is like having a guardian angel on your side. They will help you with paperwork, provide guidance on everything you need to do to make your application easier, and they will be there to protect you from strict immigration officers.

Applying for US citizenship may be a hard long bumpy road, but with a good immigration lawyer, you just might pull it off easily. For those in San Diego, you may contact the experienced attorneys at San Diego Law Immigration Center.

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