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What is a Visa

A visa is a stamp that is placed on your passport that allows a visitor to enter the country that issued it. Without a visa, some countries will not allow you to enter. The citizens of the United States travel abroad frequently, however, we also invite travelers from all over the world to come to the U.S. to visit us. You may find it necessary, according to your personal needs, to seek visa services that are designed to help you understand which visa category might be appropriate for your travel situation. The type of visa you need also depends on your primary purpose for traveling abroad or coming to the United States. Visas fall under different categories, and depending on which one you need, a representative from the San Diego immigration Law Center can help.

Visa Services San Diego, CA

Different visas have different eligibility requirements, and for this reason we have visa services that are designed and set up to help you understand this process. Obtaining a visa can sometimes take a short period of time, other times it can take weeks, or even months. If you feel you need advice, call the San Diego immigration Law Center at 619-827-8777.