E2 Investment Visa

E2 Investment visa san diego

Employing the services of an investment visa attorney before applying for an E-2 investment visa may just be in your best interest if you are planning to travel to the United States. If you are taking on a large scale investment venture, our E2 investment visa San Diego services can advise you in regards to the process and help to protect your monetary interests.

An E-2 investment visa, also labeled: Treaty Investor visa and it is typically used by foreign visitors whose country holds a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US. The prospective applicant would be applying to enter the United States in order to complete business of trade (including technological services) between their country and the US; or when the petitioner is coming in order to facilitate investment of a substantial amount. One may also enter the United States in order to direct or develop the running of a business that the petitioner has already invested significant capital into. There are a specific number of countries that participate in the Immigration and Nationality Act. An investment visa attorney can advise if your country is one of them.

E2 Investment Visa San Diego Services

In order to qualify as a Treaty Investor the petitioner must:

  1. Have national status in a country that is a treaty country
  2. Be making or have made a substantial investment. Certain percentage amounts are in place dependent upon the size of the enterprise
  3. The investment made must be an operating business or enterprise. Projected investment will not qualify
  4. The investment must make a significant impact upon the economy in the United States
  5. The applicant must main control over their funds. The investment must also qualify as an ‘at risk’ investment.
  6. The petitioner should be coming to the United States in order to direct and develop the business. Entering the country to perform as an unskilled or ordinary worker will not qualify

If you are an applicant aged 14-79 you will be required to have an interview at the embassy. Early application for your visa is strongly suggested as these interviews can take a bit of time to schedule. Fingerprinting will occur at this time. There are a set number of forms and documents that must be submitted for a treaty investor visa. These are:

  1. Nonimmigrant Visa Application – these can be done online in an electronic format
  2. Nonimmigrant Treaty Investor Application
  3. A valid travel passport
  4. 2×2 photograph

The preparation and filing for an E-2 investment visa is complicated. Our lawyers at the San Diego Immigration Law Center will assist you to make the entire process go a bit smoother. Call us today for E2 investment visa San Diego services: (619) 827-8777.