F1 Visa

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Some of the best immigration attorneys will advise prospective students who are looking into applying for an F-1 visa to thoroughly study the process that they are completely familiarized with the way that things will go. If you are going through this process, or if you have a friend or a family member who is going through this process talking to someone can be best, immigration attorneys specifically can clear up any questions. We are here to answer your F1 visa San Diego questions.

When a student who is a non-immigrant is applying for school they need to find an institution that is SEVP certified. This just indicates that the student will be attending a school such as a private elementary or high school, seminary, academic institution, college, language training programs or universities. If a student is looking into a non-academic program such as a vocational program then they need to look into a different class of visa (M). A student who is simply here on vacation but wants to take a course that is less than eighteen hours and is for a recreational purpose, an F-1 may not be necessary, they can most likely do so on the visa issued for their holiday.

Once again the best immigration attorneys will advise you exactly what type of visa is needed if you have any questions at all regarding student visas.

It is important for a prospective student to petition for their visa early so that they have enough time to have all of the information processed. Once the information is processed, an embassy or consulate can issue the visa only 120 days before the course registration date. A visa may be issued less than 120 days out, but 120 is the absolute maximum. If you think that you might need to be in the country sooner than that, find the best immigration attorneys to help you with that.

F-1 Visa Requirements

There are explicit requirements that a student must meet in order to obtain an F-1 visa. These requirements are out in place by the Immigration and National Act and these requirements will be examined by a consular officer who will then decide if qualifications are met. These include:

  1. No desire or intention to abandon their foreign residence
  2. Plans to return to their country once their education has been completed
  3. Have the funds necessary to obtain their education within the United States

F1 Visa San Diego Services

If you are a student aged 14-79 you will be required to have an interview at the embassy. Early application for your F-1 visa is strongly suggested as these interviews can take a bit of time to schedule. Fingerprinting will occur at this time. Many people believe that having consultation with an experienced immigration attorney is best. Please contact the San Diego Immigration Law Center for a confidential F1 visa San Diego consultation: (619) 827-8777.