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Understanding the world of immigration law requires a lot of research and time. That is why the professionals at the San Diego Immigration Law Center have developed this blog: to inform the public what immigration attorneys already know. Hosted by our principal attorney, Ali Golchin, the San Diego Immigration Law Center blog is devoted to providing our readers with a thorough understanding of immigration law, green card applications, tips and tricks for gaining citizenship within the United States.


Who is Ali Golchin?

Ali Golchin is not only a reputable immigration attorney in the San Diego area, but he is also an individual who has had to endure the immigration and citizenship process himself. Through his practice at the San Diego Immigration Law Center, Golchin provides clients with green card lawyers and immigration detention attorney specialists who understand the laws surrounding immigration and who can help individuals looking to gain citizenship get into the United States quickly and legally.


Golchin is a member in good standing with the California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Federal District Court. He prides himself on providing exceptional service and immigration attorney assistance to families who cannot find it anywhere else. Golchin is a certified member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has been since 1994.


Mr. Golchin is no stranger to immigration law. As an immigration attorney himself, he had to face his own immigration court case in 1981. Golchin represented himself as a green card attorney to gain citizenship in the United States. Golchin has first-hand knowledge of how difficult immigration courts are, the emotional strain they cause on families and the overall financial hardship a family will endure when trying to gain citizenship.


Since representing himself, this immigration attorney has represented over 10,000 cases for individuals and families going through the same personal situation he did: immigration. Golchin and his team of green card lawyers, work permit attorneys and immigration lawyer specialists offer professional assistance and advocacy for individuals regardless of their religion, culture or ethnicity to provide them with the fair immigration attorney advice they deserve.


The San Diego Immigration Law Center Blog

Though Ali Golchin and his team of immigration lawyer associates are more than happy to assist clients or potential clients with questions, the San Diego Immigration Law Center blog was created to help educate individuals and families on the rules and regulations surrounding immigration attorney law, green card attorney issues and more.


Learn about the immigration laws, deportation issues and questions that green card attorneys frequently answer throughout the immigration process so that you are not only prepared, but educated for your own green card or work visa case.


Welcome to the San Diego Immigration Law Center blog. Feel free to browse our posts, leave comments or contact an immigration attorney at the San Diego Immigration Law Center today by calling 619-827-8777 for assistance with your own green card attorney case.


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