What are Bond Hearings and How Can an Immigration Attorney Serve Your Best Interests in Court?

If you are dealing with legal problems and you are getting ready to be dragged to court by the prosecution, it is recommended to find out everything there is to know about the most important events occurring after your arrest. An immigration lawyer hired to help you handle various immigration issues in a rapid, hassle-free manner can also provide the expert guidance that you need in order to understand the mechanism of the legal system and predict a realistic outcome, in case you have been charged with a serious offence.

1)     What are bond hearings?

In this context, after you get arrested by a police officer, you have to prepare yourself for the bond hearing – an essential legal event during which a judge decides whether the defendant is granted bond or not, based on two main factors. First, the judge needs to decide whether the accused is considered a real threat to society or not; and previous arrests will always be taken into consideration in this phase. Second, the judge has to evaluate the “risk of flight.” A defendant considered an elevated “flight risk” (meaning that he will most likely leave the state or the country to avoid major legal consequences and jail time) will usually be denied bail. The amount of time spent in your community is an extremely relevant deciding factor that will be analyzed by the judge. A good immigration lawyer has the skills, the expertise and the knowledge to provide the best legal representation for you and support evidence indicating that

a) you should not be seen as a threat to society and
b) you are not tempted to run away, in an attempt to preserve your freedom and avoid prosecution.

2)     What happens if bond is denied in my case?

There are cases in which a judge denies bond during the first bond setting. However, if you are in this delicate position, you should know that you have two other opportunities to be granted bond. With help from a competent immigration attorney, you may solicit a Bond Modification during your Preliminary Hearing. Moreover, you also have the chance to file a motion for redetermination or reconsideration of bond in court, soliciting a redetermination/reconsideration hearing scheduled as soon as possible. An immigration lawyer should be able to bring and support new evidence, reflecting the fact that the defendant can be released from jail on bail. You should also know that bail is seldom granted to people charged with capital crimes and other heinous offences.

3)     Why is it important to count on a skilled immigration lawyer?

Defendants who are not U.S. citizens should rely on professional services ensured by a skilled immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Furthermore, poor legal representation can get the accused into a lot of trouble, potentially triggering his/her deportation process. This is one of the reasons why people with a criminal case opened against them should contact a competent, trustworthy immigration attorney in record time to avoid life-changing consequences.




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