What Can a San Diego Immigration Lawyer Help With?

Most people have heard of immigration lawyers, but few really understand the type of work that an immigration attorney handles. There is more to immigration law than just handling cases where immigrants are about to be deported. The scope of the work that an immigration lawyer handles extends far beyond representation. There are many aspects of immigration that the right lawyers can help you with. Here are just a few issues that an immigration attorney can help you with.

Cases Immigration Lawyers Handle

 There are several aspects of immigration law that a qualified attorney can help with. Listed below are some of the most commonly addressed issues:


Each year, many immigrants move to the United States in search of stability and an honest living. Facing deportation is a scary event and thus, they tend to be hesitant to return home. This is why they enlist the aid of an immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys can help not only to represent the client, but also help remove the pending charges then help them achieve citizenship after the charges have been removed. Getting the deportation charges removed requires in-depth knowledge of immigration law and only skilled attorneys are able to effectively represent their clients.

Bond Hearings

When a person has been detained by the immigration office, it can be discouraging to know that they have to remain there until their hearing. However, with the help of a qualified immigration attorney, it is possible for an immigrant who is being detained to qualify for a bond. Once someone has been taken into custody by an immigration officer, it is a good idea to contact a qualified attorney to help with a bond hearing. If the bond hearing is successful, the judge on the case will issue a specific amount that must be pledged. In essence, a bond is a guarantee that the immigrant will show up for their court hearing. While not all bond hearings are successful, a good attorney will give you the best chances at securing your release.

Green Cards and Visas

Legally residing in the United Statesrequires holding either a Green Card or a Visa. Green Cards can be Family Green Cards or Green Cards for Employment. In order to be granted a Green Card, the paperwork must be filled out meticulously; otherwise it stands the chance of being rejected. The same concept applies to any type of Visa that may be in mind. Immigration attorneys can help ensure that the paperwork is filled out correctly to give the applicants the best chance possible at being granted their Green Cards or Visas. Realistically, these types of documents can be difficult to obtain and applicants are giving themselves the best chance by enlisting the aid of an immigration lawyer.

Most immigration dealings require the help of an expert. If you are looking for help in any of these areas, it is a good idea to contact experienced immigration attorneys to help in your endeavors. While it is not impossible to handle the issues on your own, having an experienced representative in your corner significantly increases your chances.

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