When to Find an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration policies have been the subject of debate among top ranking government officials for many years now. Some want to ease the immigration laws while others want to tighten them. All the while, many non-citizen immigrants are caught in the middle of the foray not knowing whether they will still be allowed in the country or be sent back to the place they left.

Being deported is a big problem especially for those who have already built their new life in the US.  Naturally, everyone who comes to live here wants to become an American citizen. However, the immigration laws in the US are full of technical twists and turns and if you find yourself if you’re confused, it is always best to contact an immigration lawyer instead of applying for a VISA yourself.

If you find yourself in any of this situation, it’s a sign that you need to get help from an immigration lawyer to sort things out.

If You Are Inadmissible

If an immigration officer says you are inadmissible to be a citizen of the US, that’s a big problem. Sometimes their reasons are valid like if you had a previous run-in with the law or if there was a time you lied to the government. There are also times when the inadmissible status is the result of some mix-up, like if someone with the same first and last name as you is listed as a criminal. However, a big problem doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable.  Many immigration attorneys are willing to help you if you go to them. They have the expertise and perseverance to fight for your cause to the immigration department.

If You Are in Immigration Court Proceedings

Being in an immigration court deportation (removal) proceedings is not where you want to be if you are a non-citizen living unlawfully here, because it’s just a step away from being deported. If you haven’t contacted a deportation attorney yet, then it’s time you do it. You can’t defend yourself alone and you need a reliable counsel to fight alongside you in your quest to hurdle the immigration court proceedings.

If You Are Overwhelmed by the Paperwork 

The most dreaded immigration forms are one of the reasons many people choose to remain non-citizens. They’re just too complicated and full of details that they can make anyone nauseous by just looking at them for the first time. To make the problem worse, a single mistake can lead to outright rejection, which means you have to start again. On the other hand, lawyers working on immigration services are already used to these paper works. They are highly knowledgeable about these matters so they can fill them out for you with the information you provide them.

If You Are Encountering Delays

Delays not only waste your time, but also your energy especially when your continued stay in the country you have begun to love is at risk. More often than not, delays are not caused by valid reasons.They’re usually because of the inefficiency of the bureaucracy to get its act together.  Often, technicalities only serve to lengthen your agonizing wait. However, you can solve this problem by contacting a green card attorney who can help you sort things. They know the law and all the technicalities that can be causing the delays in processing your papers.

When it comes to immigration and deportation problems, non-citizen immigrants in the US should try to get hold of a lawyer to assist them. The law of immigration is unnecessarily complex and confusing for a regular person to tackle alone.

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